About Me

Let’s see…so I was born and raised Jewish, studied Buddhism, meditated on and off, did yoga on an off, learned Reiki, found Shamanism, and started studying Herbalism. I just keep exploring.

These pages are filled with my experiences along the way. Sometimes I learn a lot, sometimes I wish I had just gone out for a drink instead…listen, it’s a path!

Disclaimer: I’m not a photographer, and I don’t travel to far off islands to meditate in the woods. If you’re looking for highly curated upscale photography, then I’m not the one. These are just real anecdotes of a typical millennial trying to find peace in a 200 sq. ft. apartment, pay off school loans, work a full time job, maintain a social life, and explore life with money I think I have.

Amen, Namaste, Aho, Peace and Blessings…uh bye.