About Me

“It’s just a phase, it’ll pass” could describe most of my life. Ever since I can remember, I have been fascinated by what cannot be seen. That which lies just behind the veil. So for awhile, I tried to rip the veil down. Reading, studying, yanking it as hard as I could. Weird thing is, the harder you try to pull it down, the more elusive it becomes. So now, I’m focused less on pulling it down, and more on exploring myself on this side. The more light I put out, the easier it is to see through the veil.

I originally started this page to share my musings as I stumbled through a typical Millennial’s journey, but that wasn’t what it became. We’re all working through the unique circumstances of our generation. Posting our “stories” and sending emojis instead of emotions. In doing all of this, we can miss the magic / spirit / good juju in it all. So, I’m on a quest, hopefully alongside you, to restore some awe into my life and explore my own spirituality. Sounds a little intimidate, but Brené Brown is making me vulnerable!